I Just had a baby and want to get some newborn pictures done, when is the best time to do this?

Congratulations on the new baby. This will be an exciting time for you and getting those pictures to help capture the new baby is a great idea. I recommend booking your session before the baby is 10 days old. After then babies tend to be more active and may not sleep through the session as well.

Is there a time of day not ideal for my outdoor session?

I like to avoid the peak bright part of the day. It

Where do you recommend that I print my images once I have the disc?

The location that you choose to print your images will have a great effect on the end result of your images. If you print cheap they will look cheap so for that reason I wouldn

Will your

The mini session is generally great for just a few updated images. It

I worry that my daughter is so shy she might not preform for the camera and will cling to me the entire session, do you have any advice?

It might help if you talk up the session in advance. Bring it up daily and let her have some input about her outfit, what kind of poses she might like to do when she arrives, use your families camera to take a few pictures of her to show her afterwards and make sure she knows it

Do you have any advice for my family session to run more smoothly, I have 3 small children in the photos?

Best advice is not to come with any unrealistic expectations. As we all know kids are unpredictable. We will keep things light and fun to try and keep the pressure off the children and let them be themselves. It

How do I see the images after my session?

Up to 3 weeks after your session I will send you an email with a link to your gallery to preview the images. You can then select the ones you would like to include from your session on the order.

How long after my session will it be before I can view the images?

It generally can take up to 3 weeks to view the gallery of images. We work to post them quicker as much as we can but it

Do we get a disc with images to print ourselves with the session fee?

Yes...You do get a disc with your session. After your gallery is posted for your review and you select the images for your session you will have a disc with images ready to print up to an 8 x 12 size.